Dot Dash Activewear worked with to launch their brand online with a beautiful new E-commerce store.

Mobile First

64% of traffic to the Dot Dash Activewear website comes from users using a mobile device. We create a Mobile-first experience to ensure the shopping experiences was frictionless regardless of the devices being used

Beautiful imagery and striking fonts create a memorable brand image that customers will never forget.

Quality Design

Dot Dash activewear is a premium fitness clothing brand and it was important that their website portrayed this. We spent a lot of time creating the right design for their website. You can see on their website, their brand look premium and portrays quality.

Payment Processing

Since launching the new website, payments have grown by 503%. The is partly achieved by a simple frictionless payment processing system with minimal distractions. Users find the purchase of items to be quick and simple.

Dot Dash Activewear provides multiple card processing options and PayPal, all fully integrated with their shopping cart and stock control system.

User Experience

Our key focus when building this website was to show off the beautiful imagery of the clothing items. We created a large space on every page to show the high-quality images in detail and let the photography do the selling. Even with large high definition images, we were able to keep the *page load time below 2 seconds.

* 2 Seconds is the industry best practice of optimising page load time for google search optimisation. Test your website speed at

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