What are the best ways to find out if a web design agency is right for you?

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How do you know if a web design agency is right for you? How can you test out whether their services are right for your business and help you reach your goals? Here are a few ways you can test out a web design agency before hiring them to create your website design.

Check their portfolio

Check out their most successful websites and make sure they meet your needs. Don’t forget about their past projects—make sure that each site is uniquely different from your own. When it comes down to it, there isn’t one way of checking portfolios, but there are a number of tactics that can help inform your decision (and provide useful insights into their expertise).

Ask about processes (requirements, deadlines, milestones)

When deciding which web design agency to work with, it’s essential that you feel comfortable communicating with them and clearly understand their process. Be sure to ask about the timeline and process upfront so that there aren’t any surprises later on down the line when they may be too costly or even impossible. Understanding who will be doing what throughout your project can make all of your design-based decisions that much easier, so always ask. Additionally, many agencies will offer a free consultation where they’ll run through their process with you face-to-face; take advantage of that and learn how they operate firsthand.

Understand your legal obligations

What’s more, your legal obligations will vary depending on your web design agency’s geography. The laws and professional guidelines in one country or region could differ from those in another. In general, there are three categories of legal implications you should be aware of: 1) intellectual property; 2) scope of work, and 3) contract law. It’s important that all parties involved understand what these mean for their project so that nobody accidentally violates someone else’s rights or agrees to do something they aren't qualified or properly licensed to do. Remember: Know what you're getting into when working with any Web Design Agency! This can help ensure an optimal outcome both legally and commercially.

Ask about cost for your custom project

When considering how to test your fit with an agency, ask about cost for your custom project. Having your vision projected on paper can help you identify their strengths and weaknesses; some agencies will have better skills at graphic design or coding, and those differences may be all that stands between an average designer and a great one. With digital creations these days, it's hard to see work before hiring, so trust your gut here as much as possible.

See how fast they respond

Communication is important in any business relationship, but it’s especially important when you work with web designers and agencies. If they take too long to respond, then that might be a sign that they don’t think your project is a priority. A good way to test how fast they respond is to get in touch and ask them something small like an opinion or help answering one question. Then see how quickly they reply—if they answer immediately, great! But if they take hours or days to reply, then that might mean they won’t be as fast when working on your website project itself.

Meet them in person or via zoom

There’s no substitute for meeting someone in person. After all, we make decisions about people based on more than just their skills and experience; it’s also about whether or not we get along with them. When in doubt, opt for in-person meetings first. If they live too far away or travel isn’t an option, you can also meet via Zoom as well!

Look for testimonials

Testimonials from previous clients can tell you about an agency's work and turnaround time. An in-person meeting with an account manager or project manager can also give you insight into an agency's services and values. It might be too early for them to have existing client work to show off, but in-person meetings can still give you enough information about their style and personality that would be difficult or impossible to get otherwise. Also look at the brands and companies they have worked with previously.

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