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There’s no doubt that landing pages are one of the most powerful and effective ways to get visitors to take action, whether it’s signing up for your email list or making a purchase on your website. While you may not be able to force them to share your landing page, here are a few ways you can encourage visitors to do so.

Use social media in your landing page design

Facebook and Twitter are two popular social media networks that can be used in a landing page design to get visitors involved. Give each one of your potential clients their own personal login details, which will allow them to connect with you on those sites once they’ve signed up for your newsletter. 

You could also offer discounts or special offers to visitors who share your landing page via social media. If someone wants something badly enough, he or she is much more likely to share it!

Make it easy to share on your blog

So, you’ve created an amazing landing page? That’s great! Now, why not make it easy for your visitors to share it? Maybe they saw something interesting on your site and want to tell a friend about it, or maybe they think your landing page can help someone else solve a problem. 

Whatever their reason may be, getting visitors to share content is one of the best ways to grow your site. Let’s talk about some of the most important things you can do on your website that will allow visitors to share content with ease. Think of all the platforms they might wanna share to and embed those options at the end of your page. 

Give people a reason to share

If people want to take action, they need a reason to share. You can do that in a number of ways. Perhaps you can offer an amazing prize like a chance to win a prize or offer something valuable like a coupon for $25 off their next purchase. Maybe you can give them information about a popular movie premiering next week and tie it into your business somehow? If your goal is for people to share your landing page, then give them reason to do so. Sometimes all people need is one compelling reason and they’ll be happy to spread your message for you.

 Be original in your sharing method

While there are many different ways to get people to share your page, choose a sharing method that’s original or unexpected. For example, one of my favorite ways to encourage shares is by giving away free products or services in exchange for every person who shares your landing page on Facebook. You can even give a fun little badge for them as a thank you for sharing!

Before doing something like that, make sure you have permission from your Facebook Page administrators first (if you don’t have one of those yet, maybe it’s time you create one). If they say no, it’s up to you what strategy to go with instead.

Invite influencers to share with their audience

People love to share things that they think their friends and followers will find interesting. It’s a great way to build relationships with your target audience. People are more willing to like a page or share content if they know their friends already have done so, so you want to make sure you send invitations out to those with influence in your industry.

 Before sharing a link with them, make sure they are interested in what you have to offer! If influencers like what they see, then hopefully their network will too!

Add a call-to-action button for sharing on social media sites and blogs

We’ve talked about adding social media buttons to share you content, but what about adding also a CTA?

By adding a call-to-action you encourage visitors to share your landing page with their friends and family. This kind of CTA is usually recognizable by its bright color and prominent placement. The more people that share your page on social media, the more traffic it will generate. As traffic increases, so does potential revenue. Many websites track how many social shares a specific landing page has as an indication of its success; when writing a business plan, factor in how your calls-to-action will help increase your social media presence.

More on how to optimise your CTAs in our latest article.

Don’t make them share more than once

If you’re trying to get more people to share your landing page, don’t make them click share more than once. Social media is easy; there should be no reason why people have a hard time sharing your content. 

If someone has a problem sharing, it’s likely because you’ve made sharing unnecessarily difficult—like forcing them to share through a separate platform like Facebook Messenger or sending them back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Don’t make your readers jump through hoops just so they can share with their friends—and don't make them share more than once!

Create useful content

When visitors land on your page, they should have a sense of why the page was created. For example, is it an offer or call-to-action? Do you provide research, data or statistics? Is it merely entertainment or just plain fun? If people understand why you posted what you did, they’re more likely to share the link with their social network. It’s not about how much information is on the landing page; rather, it’s about how valuable that information can be for someone else. Making an effort and providing meaningful content will give visitors a reason to take action.


Don’t be afraid of being a little bold – after all, you don’t have anything to lose! At least one of these techniques is bound to bring new people into your funnel and get more shares on your landing page. As long as you don’t overdo it, there should be nothing wrong with trying several of these strategies out at once. What do you have to lose?

In the end, however, a visitor is far more likely to share something if he or she feels connected to it. So consider the ways you can personalise your page and make visitors feel like they are a part of the content they are sharing. 

Just remember that social sharing buttons are only as good as their placement and level of prominence on the page; you want your visitors to see them right away, not scroll past them before realising what’s in store for them.  More on how to design your landing page in this article.

If done correctly, a high number of shares can be your best form of advertising—it takes word-of-mouth marketing from its roots and gets it directly into your prospect’s newsfeed. Not a bad way to generate some buzz!

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