Tips For Choosing The Right Fonts & Colours For Your Landing Pages

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When it comes to landing pages, the design is everything. The first thing your users will notice about your page is the fonts and colours you use to describe your offer and encourage them to convert. If your call-to-action copy is difficult to read or just plain ugly, you’ll lose potential customers even before they finish reading it! If you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right fonts and colours, keep the following tips in mind when designing your landing page.

Why it’s important to use the right fonts

If you’re creating a landing page for your business, it’s important to choose a font that is easy to read and looks good in big letters. After all, people aren’t going to be taking in every single word on your page; they’ll be skimming and picking out certain details here and there. With that in mind, opt for fonts like Helvetica or Arial; both are widely used, so your page will be more likely to look familiar and be recognizable to users. 

You also don’t want to pick a font that requires a lot of effort (from either side) to see clearly—your point won't get across if readers have trouble figuring out what you're saying!

How to choose a font for your landing page

Choose fonts that match your brand personality. A more playful brand or a more conservative brand will likely choose different fonts. If you’re trying to appeal to a broad audience, stick with safe fonts and make sure they are readable across all platforms and devices. Use A/B testing to find out what works best for your audience. 

If you're already a pro at design, then you may be tempted to use your favourite font. But don't. Choosing a font that's hard to read (like Papyrus) will make visitors less likely to complete your forms and more likely to leave—meaning they'll probably never come back again. 

Resources – Examples of creative fonts for landing pages

Using fonts on your landing pages can really help draw your readers in and provide a seamless flow between products. Try using fonts that relate to your product or offer, while maintaining legibility and professionalism. 

Although we don’t recommend choosing novelty or cute fonts for landing pages (your potential customers may find it difficult to read!), there are some creative options you could explore. Here are some examples of creative fonts for landing pages we usually use: 

For the Adobe users, the easiest place to find your fonts and activate them automatically in Illustrator (or the Adobe tool you need it to) is You just find the font you like and you just activate it there. No need to download and install it. It will be ready to find and use. 

Another resource we like to use is And the best part is that this service is free. You can use any font you like there. 

Why it’s important to use the right fonts

What colour is each used for? It all depends on context, and each colour has several meanings based on where it’s placed. It might seem obvious that red means stop or green means go, but those are just guidelines. 

To understand how to use colours properly, you have to consider some of their intrinsic values and cultural connotations. What do certain colours mean to certain cultures? What do they mean together? Are there places you can use a particular colour because of its meaning in that place? These are just a few things you should keep in mind the colours for your landing pages.

How to choose the colours of your landing page

When it comes to colour psychology, there are some basic rules of thumb that you can use to make your landing page more effective. So without further ado, here they are:

 1) Stick with a limited number of colours (3-5 max). This keeps your landing page looking uncluttered and ensures that readers aren't immediately turned off by an excessive amount of colour. 

2) Make sure all your colours work well together. Just like when you were in elementary school, if you mix red and blue together you get purple!

Resources – Professional colour combinations for landing pages

While some people might not mind having a landing page full of screaming red and yellow text, that won’t translate well in either search results or on social media sites, it’s important to make sure that your company doesn’t stand out for all of the wrong reasons. Instead, focus on using colour combinations that are professional and easy to read. 

Choosing colours is tough enough but choosing colours that go together can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are resources available to help with those decisions.

Once you know what primary colour you want, you can generate the rest of the colours with the help of a tool.

We like using This tool is great because it generates a lot of options for you to choose from: monochromatic, complementary, triad, compound etc. 

Or, if you like a specific theme and have a photo that inspires you, the best option would be to decompose it into colours. Adobe service can do that too, and it’s free. You can play with this tool till you find the right colours for your brand. 

More tips on how to design your landing page in our latest article.

One important objective of your landing page design is to make sure it converts visitors into leads. If a visitor doesn't convert into a lead, then you've wasted both time and money. There are thousands of factors that contribute to how well your landing page converts, but if you choose fonts and colours that work together, readability can increase which will in turn increase conversions. Our guide above should get you started with choosing colours and fonts for your landing pages so you can use them to convert more visitors into leads.

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