How Lead Generation Improves Customer Lifetime Value

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A lead generation strategy can increase customer lifetime value by attracting the right customers who are more likely to purchase your products or services and stay longer, which ultimately keeps your business running smoothly and profitably. If you’re looking to grow your business and increase your revenues, implementing lead generation methods into your overall marketing strategy is vital. Here’s how lead generation increases customer lifetime value and what you can do about it to improve the customer experience on your website and increase long-term revenue.

Lead generation boosts customer lifetime value

Making sure you have a way to generate leads is one of best investments you can make to your business. A big part of generating leads is making sure your website design entices visitors and draws them in with well-crafted copy, while also providing a seamless experience that gets customers through their buyer’s journey quickly and easily. 

If it takes them more than 10 seconds to find your phone number, or they can’t figure out how to download something immediately, that represents money being left on the table. Make sure that your website provides customers with exactly what they need when they need it, and keep them moving towards conversion. A little investment in lead generation now will pay off later—you just have to be smart about where you spend your money.

If you’re not getting your target customer in to your funnel, it won’t matter how many leads you generate. Generating traffic is just a means to an end: you need qualified leads to power your business. Identify what type of customer is most likely to become a repeat buyer and get them moving through your sales funnel as quickly as possible. 

For example, if most of your new customers are local to your business, making sure that you have local phone numbers and website landing pages specifically speaking to the local audience will help make sure that those who are interested in doing business with you are able to convert in to leads.

Traffic generation and lead generation are two sides of the same coin

Without traffic to your website, you have no leads. Without leads, your business has no customers.

The two are intrinsically linked and therefore interdependent on one another. If you generate lots of leads but don’t convert them into revenue, it doesn’t matter because none of that matters without traffic to begin with. Similarly, if you drive traffic but aren’t generating leads (or converting them), then again none of that matters. To help maximise both sides and build a solid lead generation program that benefits customer lifetime value and generates profits for your company, keep reading!

How website design affects lead generation

Web designers know that people will not willingly hand over their contact information for anything. The chance of someone filling out a form is almost nonexistent because of trust issues, so website design professionals employ many tactics to get users to hand over information. 

The most common method is by offering a free trades as an incentive for form submission. This tactic builds trust and helps to combat any negative emotions associated with handing over your contact information (such as feeling as if you’re just getting another company’s marketing mail). 

Getting leads through web forms requires trust and takes effort, but it is critical in order to maximise customer lifetime value and ultimately grow your business.

There is a high level of sophistication to converting leads into customers, but it can be broken down into basic steps. First, you’ll need a landing page that gets people to hand over their contact information and also has links to other pages within your website (to make it easier for customers find information once they become leads). 

And finally, your landing page should be easy for web visitors to access - otherwise why would anyone bother?

How lead generation effects on customer lifetime value

Lead generation is one of your many opportunities to market your product or service. When done correctly, lead generation can increase customer lifetime value by decreasing marketing expenses, increasing leads and sales, and improving repeat customers. The data shows that companies which employ a lead generation campaign have higher profits than companies who do not. Here are some ways that you can improve customer lifetime value with your lead generation campaigns

Target The Right Customers - when done correctly, lead generation can generate leads from your targeted audience who are interested in your product or service. If you’re unable to reach that audience, then all of your marketing expenses would go towards a campaign that is not effective and will be a waste of money. On top of generating leads from your targeted audience, it is important to have an effective conversion rate for those leads. In other words, not all leads will become customers which means that it is crucial to have enough options available to convert these potential customers into paying ones.

Increase Conversion Rates - even if your company has a steady flow of leads and conversions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your lifetime value will increase. With each lead generation campaign, it is important to test different offers and content as well as different channels to target potential customers. Testing which channels to use for a specific campaign will help you focus on spending money in areas with increased ROI. It is also essential to ensure that you have enough options to convert leads into paying customers.

It all starts with an excellent online presence

A superior website design is a clear indicator of your business expertise and quality, as well as an invitation to sales. Website design draws in more leads for your business, which can generate revenue for a longer period of time than you’d ever expect. 

If done correctly, a great website design will support your online presence and continuously to generate leads. With a professional web design, your business can generate leads and sales 24/7 365 days of year without you even being there. Your site is your shop front online that connects with interested buyers or consumers at all times of day or night!

Take a moment to consider, what does your current website say about your business?

Finally, lead generation is part of a strong branding strategy

Leads are customers in your sales funnel that are likely to become paying customers. Branding is so much more than a logo, tagline or even website design. It is an overarching philosophy and strategy of how a company chooses to market itself and gain new customers. With improved branding comes increased trust, loyalty and awareness – not only of your products/services but also of you as a brand.

Once you’ve found your audience, you can create an appropriate, highly effective marketing strategy around how you can best engage them. By leveraging lead generation methods, you’ll be able to contact these prospective clients and cultivate a relationship before they even consider doing business with your company. 

This means that once they become customers, they will be more invested in working with your brand because they have already had their interest piqued and are familiar with it. Generating leads also helps to mitigate against missed opportunities since prospects will actively come to you and request more information about your business as opposed to having no knowledge of it at all. The higher quality of leads is likely going to translate into happier customers down the line, as well.

By integrating your marketing strategy, branding, website and lead generation, you start to paint a complete picture in your customers mind of who you are, what you stand for and most importantly, why they should buy from you.

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