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Digital Marketing

A digital marketing channel refers to any online medium that enables your business to communicate with its target audience and provide information about your company and its products. You can look at your digital marketing channels as tools that allow you to grow your leads, acquire new sales, and build your brand’s authority. 

With the ever-evolving digital world we live in, it will be no surprise to you that digital channels are constantly changing and improving. Considering that digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing in popularity, failure to keep on top of online marketing trends will likely leave your business out of pocket!

Choose the best digital marketing channels for you

Choosing the right digital marketing channels can be challenging especially for smaller businesses. Not all digital marketing channels are the same and a channel that might perform great for another business won’t necessarily work for yours as well.

Firstly, before you can choose the best digital marketing road for you, you must first identify your target demographic. This is because each digital marketing channel has its very own demographic and if you want to reach your target demographic, the very first step is knowing where they are. 

Once you are sure that you know your audience there are plenty of options to choose from:

1.) Your Own Website

People don’t often consider their website a marketing channel but it is actually the most important one! All of your other digital marketing channels have one objective; getting more eyes on your website. 

In order to maintain a steady stream of sales, you need to keep your website updated with fresh content, convincing sales copies, and an intuitive design. Meeting all of these requirements can be challenging at the best of times, especially for small businesses, if you need personalized advice you can book a free website consultation with us. 

2.) Email Marketing

No matter your industry, Email Marketing is an incredibly powerful and cost-effective tool that shouldn’t be forgotten! If you optimize your email marketing properly you could see a return on investment as high as 38 dollars for every 1 dollar spent

3.) Social Media

Social media is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a necessity. In fact, 91% of businesses already use social media in their marketing efforts. Each social media platform has a predominant demographic so make sure you pick one that best suits your business. For example, Linkedin is an excellent platform to target business owners with 65+ million business decision-makers. On the other hand, if you are an eCommerce owner targeting young adults you should focus your efforts on platforms like Instagram with 31 percent of its global audience aged between 25 and 34 years.

4.) Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to influencers can be an incredibly rewarding form of advertising. In a survey by Twitter,  49% of respondents said they relied on influencers for purchasing decisions. Influencer marketing is particularly powerful because the viewers or readers of your advertisement already trust the source which means they are much more likely to convert.  

5.) Paid Marketing 

Paying for advertisements on platforms such as Facebook or Google can be a fast and cost-effective way of getting new customers if done the right way. Google estimates that for every dollar spent you will see a return of 8 dollars

Paying for digital advertisements is now the preferred choice for businesses with an estimated 72% of overall marketing budgets being put towards digital channels. But results with paid marketing can never be guaranteed. If you have a limited marketing budget or experience level then you might be overwhelmed with the prospect of paid marketing. If you need help or advice, feel free to reach out to us.

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