6 Tips for designing a website that sells

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In this article I'm going to tell you 6 quick tips that will help you design a website that sells better.

One of the most important things about any website is how it looks. This article is going to be all about how to make your website look professional and sell more products by using some simple tricks.

1. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Making sure your website is mobile-friendly is more important than ever. In fact, Google has announced that from 2018, mobile-friendliness will be a ranking factor for websites in their search results.That means if your website isn't optimised for mobile devices, you could be losing out on potential customers and business.

Use a responsive design: A responsive design will ensure that your website looks good and works well on all devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers. And Make sure your font size is right for each device too.

2. Add a contact page with your email address, phone number, and social media handles

Adding an easy to find contact page to your website is a great way to make it more user-friendly and encourage customers to get in touch with you. By including your email address, phone number, and social media handles, you make it easy for visitors to reach out to you with any questions or concerns they may have. This can help convert more customers and create a better overall experience for everyone involved.

3. Create a blog that provides helpful content to entice visitors to buy

If you're looking to build trust with website visitors and encourage them to buy from you, one of the best things you can do is create a blog with helpful content.

Your blog should be designed in a way that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need. Navigation should be straightforward, and articles should be well-organised and clearly labeled.

In terms of the actual content, aim to provide value in every post. This could mean offering helpful tips, sharing interesting case studies, or providing analysis of industry trends. Whatever you choose to write about, make sure it's relevant to your target audience and provides them with something of value. By taking the time to create a helpful and informative blog, you can help potential customer know, like and trust you.

4. Offer free shipping on low cost orders

If you're looking to increase sales on your website, one of the best things you can do is offer free shipping on low cost orders. This will encourage more people to purchase from your site, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

To make this work, you'll need to have a well-designed website that's easy to navigate and makes it easy for customers to find what they're looking for. You'll also need to make sure your shipping costs are reasonable, so that free shipping doesn't eat into your profits too much.

With a little effort, you can easily increase sales on your website by offering free shipping. By doing so, you'll be able to attract more customers and boost your bottom line.

5. Include testimonials from happy customers on the homepage or in product descriptions

Building trust is essential for any website. By featuring testimonials from happy customers, you can show website visitors that your products or services are trustworthy and worth their investment. This can help increase conversions and sales.

To make the most of customer testimonials, be sure to showcase them prominently on your homepage or in product and service descriptions. A few well-chosen testimonials can make a big difference in building trust with website visitors.

6. Use high quality images of products for online shoppers who can't touch and feel them before buying them.

When shoppers can't touch and feel a product before buying it, they need to be able to trust the website they're buying from. One of the best ways to build that trust is by having high quality images of your products on your website.

Shoppers can get a good idea of what a product looks like and whether it's the right fit for them by looking at high quality images. If the images are blurry or low quality, it will be much more difficult for shoppers to trust your website.

Make sure that you have good, high quality images of all of your products on your website. This will help build trust with your online shoppers and encourage them to buy from you.

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