4 Tips: On Branding Your Website

One of the most important parts of your online presence is your website, and you want to ensure that it effectively and efficiently communicates your brand’s message and value to your potential customers. One of the best ways to do this? Effective web design. Here are four tips on how to brand your website so that it effectively represents you and what you offer as a business or an individual.

Tip 1 is to have a clear message

When someone lands on your website, they should immediately be able to know what you do and how you can help them. It doesn’t have to be explicit—it just has to be clear. Vague messaging makes it hard for a user to understand your brand and where you fit in their lives. If people don’t understand why they should use your product or service, they’ll move on quickly and never look back.

Tip 2 is to have a good logo

A logo is one of your most important branding tools, especially in a world where many people get their news and content from social media feeds. It's also one of your biggest opportunities to show off your personality and/or industry expertise through a creative design. Some people are tempted to start saving money by not hiring a professional to create their logo. This is a huge mistake—because even if you have a gift for design, it will take time away from focusing on marketing and business growth to dedicate yourself to learning how to create a good logo for your brand.

Tip 3 is to have an aesthetic colour scheme

While we're all focused on content and design, don't forget about branding. A distinctive brand will give people an immediate idea of who you are, even before they've clicked through to your website. Colour schemes may seem like a small detail, but they can have a major impact on how people feel about your site, and it's these details that will help you stand out from your competitors in years to come.

Everything from colours used to create various backgrounds, images used in promotional materials and as backgrounds, should match in some way so that they don't conflict with each other when presented together. Make sure that any colour scheme is simple enough that it doesn't conflict with text or distract visitors.

More on this in this article.

Tip 4 is to maximise social media

There is much to be said for getting people to your website; after all, that’s where your business is going to live. But when it comes to developing a brand, social media can be hugely beneficial. Facebook and Twitter are two great platforms for building a profile on social media. You can establish yourself as an expert and a thought leader in your field, which is vital for building relationships and increasing web traffic. Embed the social media buttons on your website and make sure they work.

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