2022 Website Design Trends

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What web design trends will dominate 2022? What styles and techniques should you familiarise yourself with to keep your creations fresh and modern all year round?

Design trends can shape everything from how designers create, to how user interfaces are designed, to future iterations of websites and packaging design. They can also appear or disappear quickly. That's why it's important to pay attention to what's trending now, so you do not end up with a design that quickly goes out of style.

Let us take a look at some of the top web design trends for 2022. We will look at the trends that were already emerging at the end of 2021 and are sure to dominate the stage in the coming year, as well as some design trends that are on the cusp of popularity.

Fun designs


Unusual shapes, colours and even faces can provide a lot of fun. Designers are capitalising on the web design trend with fun, optimistic designs for everything from portfolio sites - like the example above - to e-commerce. The common denominator of these designs is that they bring a little more cheerfulness into the world.


Nothing conveys optimism more than a smiling face. With the right imagery, you can easily convey this mood and benefit from this trend in website design. Pay attention to the photography and overall imagery and look for faces that connect with the virtual audience, like the example above.


After experiencing a global health pandemic in recent years, designers are bringing a little more fun and vigour to their design projects. That's just the feeling we all need right now.

Fun and optimism are conveyed through images with faces, brighter fonts and interesting typefaces, as well as colours that exude positive emotions. To make the most of the trend, think about elements that are a little lighter and avoid heavy fonts or colours.

FOFSO does it with language on the homepage as well as intense but happy faces staring into the camera, with bright clothes and an interesting background.

Black and White

Black and white colour schemes are the most austere and beautiful design trend of the year. Without colour, you really have to think about and design within boundaries. While this may sound a little intimidating, it can be very liberating and jumpstart your creativity. Plus, the results can be absolutely stunning.

Perhaps another sign of what's happening in the world: Black and white colour schemes are almost everywhere. This austere aesthetic is an indicator of how many designers feel, focusing on simplicity and rigour.


The key to making a black and white colour scheme work well while looking fresh and modern is to use just the right effects and techniques.

In the example above, there is a subtle, fluid animation when hovering, as well as an oversized mouse pointer to enhance interactivity.


Typography Experiment


In 2022, there is no wrong way to do typography. Big, bold fonts - even serifs - are everywhere. And they look fantastic. If you are playing with this website design trend, consider how the fonts respond (everything looks different on a mobile screen) and how you can maximise the impact on visitors. Many experimental fonts are not only designed with flair, but also include elements such as animations or flex options.

From outlines to coloured fonts to changing shapes and fills, bold and experimental font options dominate website design. When it comes to today's web typography, there really are no rules and designers play with a little bit of everything.


The design for Patrick David Studio uses several font effects on the homepage that exemplify this trend: Mixing and matching characters in the main headline, a somewhat experimental font choice and colourful fill levels with images and backgrounds.

3D Design Elements


While in 2020 and 2021 many designers tackled three-dimensional designs for complete websites, the new trend is to combine 3D elements with a more flat overall aesthetic.

Elements with 3D flair can be shadows, animations or layer effects to create depth and dimension.

Sennep does this in the example above with an illustrated found object that fixes the text in the rest of the design. The illustration uses a shadow and movement to achieve this trendy design style.


It's time to think 3D for almost everything. From real web models to video or photo illustrations with depth, three-dimensional elements can help people better understand a design, such as the architectural rendering above, or add visual interest.

Three-dimensional design also extends to visual storytelling. Consider how you can capture your story or product in a way that emphasises depth of field and shadow. Videos, like the example above, are one of the most proven ways to effectively convey this style.



Apart from a brief period when every design was super flat, colour gradients are the design trend that keeps popping up. The most colour gradients in design appear in backgrounds.

In 2022, gradients take two new forms:

• As a fill in text colours (as in the example above), for maximum impact and emphasis.
• As a fill in an illustration or symbol with other lines to create a textured depth effect

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