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There is a reason that the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” exists! Before someone decides to buy your e-book or read your business report, the very first thing they’ll do is look at the cover or flick through the pages. If you don’t have an eye-catching cover, a good layout and complimentary imagery, whatever your goal, it’s sure to fail! Thankfully, our expert graphic designers have years of experience perfecting their ebook and report design skills, and we want to share their talents with you.

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Our Ebook & Digital Report Design Services

Engaging, clear, and objective-orientated documents start with our eBook and digital report design services.

Cover Designs

We'll design attention-grabbing reports and ebook covers for you that almost sell themselves.


We'll format your ebook or report to improve readability.

Eye Catching Visuals

We'll create vivid and memorable imagery that will boost your ebook or report's aesthetic.

Document Conversion

We'll optimize your business reports to maximize your lead and sales opportunities.


Research & Advice

Our agency will do in-depth research into your document's objective and the best way to attend to these goals, and we can consult with you on improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a book or report designer worth it?

Hiring a book or report designer is worth it because an experienced designer can create professional designs the exact way you would like them and save you time as well!

What is ebook design?

Your eBook design is how you format and visualise your content in a meaningful, clear and stimulating way. Components of your ebook design include your cover, fonts, images and text layout.

Why is ebook design important?

As people, we are designed by nature to process visual content, which is why your eBook and report designs are so important! The way it is designed and formatted is a major factor in the buying decision for consumers because we are far more stimulated by imagery as opposed to text.

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