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We take away all of the hassle related to producing YouTube videos so you can simply reap the rewards.

Video content can help you stand out from the competition. And since video content is 1200% more successful than other content, you can't afford not to invest in video.

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What we do

design, cut and edit

Your video content is an extension of your brand, and the content you post should still be relevant to your overall brand message. For example, if you’re a health and wellness brand, you might have a video that shows your audience how to make one of your favourite healthy tips or a customer testimonial.

  • We develop engaging scripts and storyboards for YouTube videos
  • We determine whether a video is better suited with a voiceover narration or if you want to feature one or two of your team members in the reel
  • We produce high-quality videos that your audience will share and engage with

Video is known to be one of the most compelling forms of content out there, and we feel it’s crucial to take advantage of it.

We use your customer profiles to brainstorm ideas for content that’s relevant to your audience. We take care of the various aspects of production and only execute concepts that you and your team members feel comfortable with. Additionally, we can use clips from these videos on other platforms.

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When you create an incredible video, you want to make sure people can find it. Promoting your YouTube videos can be organic or boosted.

  • We optimise your videos to be found whenever someone types in a relevant keyword
  • We develop playlists so your viewers can seamlessly move from one video to the next
  • We use Social media ads for marketing your videos to people who are watching related content

With a blend of organic and paid marketing practices, your video content will be seen by the right people at the right time in their customer journey.

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To grow your business you are going to need to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and close more sales. 

The Nick Eagle Agency can help you with that. 

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