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Instagram gives brands a direct connection to buyers at every stage of their buying journey while remaining relevant.

We know that Instagram is a great platform to create long-lasting personalised relationships with your audience, so we cater our content to that ideal.

With our help you Instagram profile will establish your brand’s personality and voice.

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Visual content is king

The most successful brands on Instagram take advantage of people power and inclusion in their overall brand messaging. As a brand, you’ll want to seem approachable and trustworthy based on the things you post. We ensure that your content sends the right message.

  • We use your audience profiles to craft content that engages your current audience and attracts new members in your demographic
  • We design posts with a brand aesthetic in mind, so when someone looks at your feed as a whole, they know who you are and what you’re about
  • We use both traditional posts and stories to engage whichever kind of scroller is browsing 

As long as the content is relevant to your audience, they’ll give it a like. If they really like the post, they’ll share it with their followers and introduce more people to your brand. 

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Dynamic content

We create posts that generate a high number of likes and shares. Our content is dynamic but still sticks to the brand message as a whole. We design each post with a specific goal in mind, whether it’s to promote a product, increase brand awareness, or provide essential information about the business.

For personal accounts, posting on Instagram whenever the user feels like sharing something is fine. But for businesses, Instagram posts need to be scheduled and intentional to be successful.

  • We use relevant hashtags to increase the possibility that new people will find your content
  • We take care of the competitor and follower research, so we know which kinds of posts are likely to perform better than others
  • We connect your Instagram shop to your organic posts so that customers can make a purchase off of an organic post within the app

If an organic post performs really well, we’ll discuss the possibility of paying to promote it even more.

We do thorough research to create a tailored plan for your brand’s Instagram campaigns. We analyse how specific posts compare to others and use previous posts as a benchmark for how we’re achieving our goals.

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To grow your business you are going to need to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and close more sales. 

The Nick Eagle Agency can help you with that. 

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