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Facebook Campaigns

We’ve already done the research, so we know the Facebook algorithm like the back of our hands.We create compelling posts that keep your followers engaged with your brand’s profile.

Organic reach is every bit as important to your Facebook marketing strategy as promoted ads because it gives people a reason to continue looking at your business.


Create relevant content

This isn’t an earth-shattering fact, but the key to a successful organic Facebook campaign is the quality of the posts distributed. Half of the battle for keeping your followers engaged with your brand is creating relevant content. 

  • We use your audience profiles to determine the best way to reach out to your target demographic
  • We use the various post styles Facebook offers to craft stunning posts that your followers are excited to see
  • We help you explore new post formats that your team feels comfortable with, including live posts, contests, and more

If a customer discovers you through a paid ad, they’ll be delighted to see that the rest of your brand’s content is just as compelling.

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Quality Content

Strategic timing

In addition to the quality of content, it’s essential to understand how to use that content naturally. Because we know the inner mechanics of the platform, we’ll distribute your content strategically to increase the number of people who engage with your posts.

  • We’ll post regularly at strategic times to keep your brand fresh in your followers’ minds
  • We’ll alternate the types of posts we make so your content is always exciting
  • We enable shareable posts so your followers can share your content with their friends and followers

With strategic timing and distribution, we’ll increase the loyalty of your customers while compelling new customers to join the club. 

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To grow your business you are going to need to increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and close more sales. 

The Nick Eagle Agency can help you with that. 

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