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Email Newsletters

Forget everything you think you know about email newsletters. When executed strategically, email campaigns can have the greatest return on investment.

Your emails can significantly boost brand loyalty and customer retention, but the key is to create messages your audience will actually open and read.

The right emails


We create messages that focus on building a strong relationship with your clients.

  • We use our customer research to craft relevant and engaging campaigns.
  • We analyse your deliverability rate to ensure you aren’t ending up in any spam folders.

A fantastic newsletter can make your brand stand out in your readers’ minds and keep them feeling connected to your business.

Your Strategy

Increasing engagement

We revamp your email strategy to increase engagement with your subscribers by enhancing the design, content, and delivery.

Half the battle with email newsletters is knowing what the best format is for the messages you send. We’ve done hours of research to pinpoint the best practices for engaging messages. We vet every email for any spam-like language and ensure it’s consistent with your brand’s tone and style.

  • Each email has a short, snappy subject line with a branded “From” address name.
  • We craft the emails to feel personalised and conversational as if they came from a friend.
  • We keep the content relevant to your audience and overall brand message.

From subject line to signature, we ensure your emails are perfectly branded and impeccably designed.

We make sure the design isn’t too busy to compromise the copy of the email. We’ll develop aesthetically pleasing emails that make your audience want to read more on your website. Between the colour scheme and the copy, your customers will look forward to opening your messages.

Low risk / High Reward

Everything to gain

Email campaigns cost little to nothing out of pocket, but they can have some of the best results for your brand when crafted strategically. Email messages are significantly less abrasive than other methods of communicating with customers because they allow your recipients to read your message on their own schedule. 

  • Your customers feel more in control with emails because they get to decide whether or not to open and click-through a message. 
  • Customers feel less pressure when interacting with an email, so they’re more likely to follow the call to action if they find the message compelling.
  • Once a customer agrees to sign up for your subscription list, you’ll be able to move them through your sales funnel with little effort through an automated email campaign.

One carefully composed email campaign can be used on an unlimited number of customers, meaning more money in your marketing budget.

We craft email campaigns based on your different customer profiles, then set automation sequences to periodically check in with your subscribers based on their preferences. Additionally, we’ll alter our messages as we gather more information about what’s effective and where we can grow.

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