We’re a passionate team.

We’re a team that loves creating and designing world class branded websites. We do this by working closely with our clients to develop websites that capture their brand’s image. But not only are our websites visually striking, they’re also perfectly optimised to turn visitors into customers. 

A team that will change the digital world

We believe passionate businesses are some of the most interesting and meaningful places to work. What they lack in size, they make up for with creativity, purpose, and character. We love to work with companies like this whilst also building a proud culture in our own business.

As a company founded by entrepreneurs , we are fanatical about creating high-quality experiences for our customers and their customers too. We do things our own way — or what we believe is the right way — which has delivered us labels like "revolutionary" and "outstanding" which we wear proudly.

We’re driven by our values

We believe values are the guiding principles that steer a companies output in the right direction.

Be Passionate
Be Empathetic
Be Creative
Be Different
Be Brilliant

Out of the box thinking

We work in a fast moving space full of new ideas, and we would be crazy not to explore them. That's why you see our team do things differently. Better; and we hope you agree that our out of the box thinking will change the way you and other companies design, build and manage websites.

Careers at Nick Eagle

Creative Copywriter
Job Description

We are looking for a passionate creative copywriter that believes in our values and can contribute outstanding work for our clients. If you are interested in the position, please send us your CV using the information on our contact us page.

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Digital Graphics Artist
Job Description

If you are not just any graphics designer, but a passionate creative digital graphics artist that can contribute to our website designs then please get in touch. Send us your CV using the information on our contact us page.

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