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We handle your digital marketing so you can grow your business and delight more customers.

The Nick Eagle Agency frees up precious time for business owners and under resourced marketing directors so they can focus on future business strategy, winning new customers and overdelivering to them.and to help you grow and nurture connections with your customers.

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About Duotint

Big name brands,
affordable prices

We offer quality output found at those expensive agencies based in fancy offices. Our prices though are highly competitive because there’s no fluff in our strategy and our dedicated team are all virtual.

What We Do

Our 3 steps to make digital marketing your source of real business growth:

Laser-focused marketing consultations

In order to grow, you need to understand where you are in your marketing journey and where you want to be. Understanding your current strengths, weaknesses and resources will provide the clarity you need to move forward with confidence. We consult with business owners and brand managers to find those real opportunities to focus their time and resources to generate long-term results. This translates into a custom strategy that makes business sense.

Latest marketing tech and best practices plugged in for your business

All too often, neglecting the foundations of marketing systems means wasted efforts, time and resources. We root out these problems from your business forever:

  • Inadequate systems to manage leads, email conversions or website downloads

  • Owner-centric brand messaging that loses customers

  • Inconsistent and confusing visuals and brand tone

  • Sluggish and error-filled websites that give a bad first impression

We’ll then make further suggestions based on the research we conduct (including competitor analysis) to find areas to give you a real competitive edge.

Done-for-you digital marketing services with no management stress

With your solid set of business systems in place and a custom-designed strategy ready to deploy, our team of experts then implements everything you need to grow your business.


A strong portfolio of work with great success stories.

See how our clients benefit from working with a fully integrated agency.

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A proven formula for success

When it comes to marketing, do you know where to start?

How do you know what will work for your business? How can you be sure that your marketing efforts are effective and not wasting your time or money?

It’s an overwhelming task without the right guidance. As a business owner or under resourced marketing/sales director, even with the best intentions, you don’t have the time, energy or resources to devise and deploy your ideal marketing strategy.

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Our Process

No project is too complex, no detail too small.

Starting with interviewing clients, setting goals and timelines, we plan ahead to make sure that even the most complex projects go flawlessly, from the very beginning to the last final touches put to the final marketing.


We offer a 360º approach.

Icon strategy and marketing
Websites (design and development)

We build and maintain visually stunning websites with designs and writing that will encourage people to stick around and take action.

Icon execution and production
Social Media Marketing

Fully engage your audience with our captivating content. We steer your social channels for wider brand awareness and optimal conversions with both organic traffic and paid ad campaigns.

Icon brand identity
Email marketing

Turn your email list into your most valuable business asset. We regularly write topical, relevant content for your audience that nurtures them to buy more.

Icon product design

Organic traffic doesn’t come easy. We simplify your route to success with regular reporting to show how the strategy we implement has improved your Google ranking.

Icon strategy and marketing
Pay per click advertising

Our PPC specialists will design campaigns that meet your current objectives, with regular reviews and mutual feedback for continued optimisation and growth. This includes Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads.

Icon execution and production
Virtual events

The perfect way to educate your audience about your solution and get real-time feedback and questions to respond to. We set up the event platform, support with slide development and our marketing engine gets you an audience of prospects perfect to sell to.

Icon brand identity
Sales prospecting strategy

From building better sales pipelines, crafting engaging intro messages to building sequences that lead to real sales conversations and deals. We consult and support in executing so you spend more time in sales meetings than setting them up.

Icon product design
Videography and photography

Local businesses can benefit from carefully-planned photography and/or videography shoots to match your brand objectives. The fully-edited photos are prized digital brand assets that will be used for years to come; and the videos content will gain new customers attention.

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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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